Chun-Hong Kuo Group Leader

Dr. Chun-Hong Kuo received his BS in chemistry at National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) in 2002 and MS in chemistry at National Tsing Hua University (NTHU) in Taiwan in 2004. Finishing one-and-a-half-year mandatory military service (2004-2006), he went on his PhD degree in chemistry under the supervision of Professor Michael H. Huang at NTHU for three years. Afterwards, he joined Professor Frank Tsung's research team at Boston College (BC) in August 2010 to start his 3-year postdoc life (2010-2013). In the three years, he was also visiting Professor Gabor Somorjai at UC Berkeley and ALS at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab (LBNL) for a couple of months. He is currently the assistant research fellow at the Institute of Chemistry in Academia Sinica, Taiwan. Curriculum Vitae



Ai-Hsuan Yeh M.S. degree of NTUST 2016

Ai-Hsuan Yeh  is the master student of Department of Chemcial Engineering in National Taiwan University of Science and Technology (NTUST) since 2016 summer. She majored in cosmetic science at Providence University (PU) and received her B.S. in 2016. She took the undergraduate research program "Development of Heterogeneous-Acid Catalysts for Esterification of Glycerol" under the supervision of Professor Chien-Chang Huang. She is now working on the project of PdRu nanosynthesis for energy conversion.




Chen-Rui Kao M.S. degree of NCCU 2016

Chen-Rui Kao  is currently the master student of Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry in National Chung Cheng University (NCCU) since 2016 summer. He received B.S. in the Department of Applied Science at National Taitung University (NTTU) in 2016. He took the undergraduate research program "Development and Application of a Novel Nanosilver Based Rainbow Color Matrix Analytical Platform" under supervision of Professor Wei-Chen Liao. His thesis project focuses on the Pd-based nanocatalysts for energy conversion under co-supervision of Dr. Chun-Hong Kuo and Professor Ching-Ching Yu.



Ruo-Fang Sia M.S. degree of NTUT 2017

Ruo-Fang Sia is the master student in Department of Materials and Mineral Resources of National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT) since 2017 April. Before it, she spent six months in this group when she participated in the project of p-n tandem DSSCs. Currently, she shwitches her research focus to the bimetallic nanocatalysts.





Bing-Jyun Allen Hong M.S. degree of NCTU 2018

Allen is currently the master student of Department of Applied Chemistry in National Chiao Tung University (NCTU). He received his B.S. in the Department of Chemistry in National Sun Yat-sen University (NSYSU) in 2013. His previous research interest in MS focused on "probing the phase transition process of crystalline theophylline by low-frequency Raman microspectroscopy" under the supervision of professor Shinsuke Shigeto. Finishing one-year mandatory military service, he joined the KCH group and switched his research interest on the highly active and selective hydrogenation of CO2 with Pd-Cu nanocatalysts.





Shashank Reddy Patlolla Ph.D. degree of TIGP-SCST 2014

Shashank Reddy Patlolla received his integrated BS with masters from Osmania University (OU) in 2009 in organic chemistry as specialization and MS in chemistry from Universität Siegen in Germany in 2013 with material chemistry as specialisation. He was part of the team for Professor R.H.Trettin at the institute for building and material chemistry from 2012 to mid 2014 as a schwerpunkt forschung schüler (Thesis cum research student). He is currently a Ph.D. student of TIGP in the program "Sustainable Chemical Science and Technology (SCST)-2014" at the Institute of Chemistry in Academia Sinica, Taiwan. Curriculum Vitae



Biva Talukdar Ph.D. degree of TIGP-SCST 2015

Biva Talukdar received her BS in Gauhati University in 2011 and went on MS degree till 2013 in the same school. The research interest in her MS thesis focused on the X-ray diffractometry in ploymeric copper complexes. She was awarded the junior research fellowship to support her research project in the Indian Institute of Technology-Guwahati in 2014. Afterward, she came Taiwan for her PhD degree in National Yang-Ming University till 2015 summer and switched to the TIGP-SCST. She is currently engaging in the project of CO2 hydrogenation and magnetic nanomaterials for bio-applications. Curriculum Vitae



Benjamin Martinez Ph.D. degree of TIGP-SCST 2015

Benjamin Martinez graduated in 2014 from the Graduate School of Biology, Chemistry and Physics of Bordeaux, France, specializing in material sciences and nanotechnologies. He carried out two 6-month internships at Solvay Shanghai, China and National Tsing Hua University (NTHU), Taiwan focusing on rare-earth material synthesis and photocatalytic hydrogen production, respectively. He started his PhD degree in 2015 in the TIGP-SCST program, dwelving in the stuy of photocatalysts for photocatalytic hydrogen production by water-splitting.




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Chin-Sheng Kuo  

Chin-Sheng Kuo received his BS in environmental science and engineering at Tunghai University (THU) in 2009. MS and PhD degrees were obtained from environmental engineering under the supervision of Professor Cheng-Fang Lin at National Taiwan University (NTU) in 2011 and 2015, respectively. His research interest in MS focused on the soluble microbial products hydrophobicity on membrane fouling and in PhD focused on the photocatalytic degradation of emerging contaminants. Finishing about one-year mandatory military service, he joined our group for the projects of CO2 reduction and H2 production in 2017. Curriculum Vitae




Hung-Min Lin Undergraduate Research of NTU

Hung-Min Lin is currently a junior student in the Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University (NTU). Since 2015, he majored in materials science but switched his interest to chemistry. His research project is apply lab-made unique nanocrystals to solar-chemical conversion.





Chia-Hao Howard Yeh Undergraduate Research of NTU

Howard is currently a sophomore student in the Department of Chemistry, National Taiwan University (NTU). He joined the KCH group from the fall in 2017. He currently focuses on CuAu nanocatalysts for CO2 reduction.






Zhung-Kai Zhang Undergraduate Research of NTUT

Zhung-Kai Zhang is a junior in the Department of Materials and Mineral Resources, National Taipei University of Technology (NTUT). He joined the KCH group from 2018 January. His project is Pd nanocatalysts for energy converison now.





Rafael Jumar Chu Visiting Student of UP

Rafael is a master student in the Materials Science and Engineering (MSE) Program of the University of Philippines (UP). He went to Ateneo de Manila University where he received his BS in Physics in 2012 on the work of firework aerosols and BS in MSE in 2013 on the work of supercapacitors. Currently, he is under the co-supervision of Dr. Marlon Conato for the aqueous low-temperature synthesis of Ni@ZIF nanocomposites. He is going to have a short stay in the KCH group from March 24 - June 24.






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